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The world of creativity and exploration in Washington DC!

Art Studio Blue Giraffe was founded in 2012 by professional artist Olga Smith, having more than 20 years of experience in the Fine Arts, theatrical set up design, pottery, jewelry, and more than 10 years of experience in teaching.

Art Studio Blue Giraffe offers unique programs for children ages 3 and up in exploring their talents and creativity.

The mission of Art Studio Blue Giraffe is to find the hidden treasure in every child and to make it shine!

All art projects are unique and individual.

We believe that everyone is naturally creative. Some people have more natural talent than others. However, everyone can increase his or her creativity with appropriate training and focused practice.

In art Studio Blue GIraffe we create paintings, drawings, collages,

3-D projects, and much more!

We work with watercolor, tempera, acrylic, clay, paper, cardboard, plastic, fabrics, and other materials..

Art Classes
Wednesday, 3:30 pm
Thursday, 3:30 pm; 5 pm
Sunday, 3:00 pm

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Saturday and Sunday
Programs in Washington DC
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All materials are child safe and nature friendly.

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